• Semi-Annual

  • ₦35000

  • Trial 6 Month Membership
  • Save up to 50% on your spending
  • Save Time and Money by delegating tasks to us
  • Use from any location worldwide
  • Enjoy Privileges
  • Treat yourself
  • For Personal Use
  • For Business or Tourism
  • Subscribe
  • Annual

  • ₦55000

  • 12 Month Membership
  • 1 Free Airport Pick Up
  • Save up to 50% on your spending
  • Save Time and Money by delegating tasks to us
  • Use from any location worldwide
  • Enjoy Privileges
  • Treat yourself
  • Use it to assist family and loved ones
  • For Business
  • For Tourism
  • Enjoy Exclusivity
  • Have fun and forget about renewals for a whole year
  • Subscribe

What's in Subscription

Membership Card Benefits

There are many benefits of having a RelishONE membership. You are part of a premium network of people. It is always interesting to bump into a member in all sorts of places. At the Bar, Lounge, Spa, Hair saloon, Club, Restaurant, Dry-Cleaners or wherever. Check out the features to see the many benefits you enjoy. Membership means that you can achieve more with your time and money, but getting your membership to help. We carry out tasks for you (or your company), arranging team travel, conducting research for information, Scheduling activities, and Lifestyle errands.


  • Save 10% and above of your bill with our partners where memberships can be used. 
  • Get us to arrange that family member pick-up, do things discretely rather than bother friends
  • Get what you want from your errands as they are not being done as favours. 
  • Save your company money with corporate memberships for whole teams
  • That saving could go up to 50% at certain places (look out for a hotel near you). 
  • That wedding makeup, that spa weekend, that anniversary dinner, does not need to bother you so much, our partners are gladly willing to accommodate you. 
  • Your loyalty is appreciated and rewarded 'instantly' from day 1. 
  • Alongside your discounts, you can earn R-Points with RelishONE. 
  • R-Points? The more you spend and let us know, the more we save you when your membership renewal comes round. If you spend enough, you could actually get a FREE membership renewal. 
  • You can use your points to buy a card as a gift (the Mrs, a friend, a client or employee could all get cards too). 
  • An ever-expanding list of partners means there will be more and more places to patronise, save and be rewarded for it.
  • Don't forget to sign up for the newsletter so we keep you updated about the places to use your membership. 
  • We will surprise our members from time to time (we won't tell you how but do make sure your phone number and email addresses are up to date on the membership dashboard).
Product Name:Semi-Annual

Product Description: Semi-annual Memberships are similar to annual memberships, but they run out quicker. If you are not sure what the experience will be like, then take this for 6 months as a trial. But we strongly recommend an annual membership which has double the validity duration and more value for only a fraction more. You'll probably take it next time around anyway.

Product Name:Annual

Product Description: The Annual membership gives you access to all of the joys of being a RelishONE member for a full year. Take that membership hassle off your mind for a while, The value of the membership is easily realised and close to priceless. For now, just have fun and cherish the amazing worth of your membership. Do the things you love, have great experiences, you deserve it because you matter.